Join us in the #bullpen Wednesday at 10 am ET to break down the Silicon Valley Bank Crisis. Register here:

Christiaan Engstrom will host the discussion that will feature several insiders who would rather not have their names attached.

Here are a few perspectives shared:

“The problem was SVB had so many tech clients flush with money that they didn’t know what to do with the deposits. They dumped it into government securities but mismanaged the duration. I don’t see this as being contagious,” Angel Investor, M&A Leader, Investment Banker.

“The corrections at big pharma and big device have already been made. The pressure will be on growth the rest of the year. While this will certainly hit some invested in SVB hard, investments and acquisitions will accelerate in spite of this failure,” Head of Finance, Big Device.

“I’m worried that investors might pull back funding because of this,” every CEO in the Bullpen.